BREAKING NEWS: NHC administrators talk membership

COLUMBIA CITY (April 11, 2013) — Administrators at some schools in the Northeast Hoosier Athletic Conference (NHC) are contemplating the future of the conference as it relates to its current membership, according to a press release sent out Thursday afternoon by Whitley County Consolidated Schools.In the release, WCCS officials stated one of their chief concerns is the "disparity among schools in terms of enrollment [that] continues to grow."Columbia City High School is currently a member of the NHC, along with Bellmont, Carroll, DeKalb, East Noble, Homestead, New Haven and Norwell.According to the Indiana High School Athletic Association's website, Homestead currently has the largest enrollment among NHC schools with 2,214, followed by Carroll with 2,054. The smallest enrollments in the NHC belong to Bellmont with 778 students, and Norwell with 822.The same site shows the enrollment at CCHS as 1,095.According to the release, conversations have occurred throughout the school year regarding many different factors concerning the NHC member schools, including CCHS.As a result of these discussions, principals and athletic directors will be considering future conference membership affiliations.All member schools will abide by the constitution established by NHC in the process.The NHC is an eight-member IHSAA-sanctioned athletic conference that was founded in 1989. There have been no membership changes since the conference began.