BREAKING NEWS: NHC to disband in 2015

COLUMBIA CITY (April 18, 2013) — The Northeast Hoosier Conference will cease existence in the summer of 2015.According to NHC President and Norwell High School Principal Mark A. Misch, all eight member schools will leave the athletic conference in two years."Conversations have occurred throughout the school year regarding many different factors concerning the NHC member schools," said Misch in a Thursday press release. "In analyzing many different factors, disparity among schools in terms of enrollment continues to grow. As a result of these discussions, all member schools mutually agreed to withdraw from the NHC effective July 1, 2015."Columbia City High School has been a member of the NHC since the conference's formation in 1989. Other schools currently in the NHC are Bellmont, Carroll, DeKalb, East Noble, Homestead, New Haven and Norwell.What the eight schools will do following the break-up is uncertain."Principals and athletic directors will be focusing on new future conference membership affiliations," Misch said. "All member schools will abide by the constitution established by the NHC throughout the transition process which should conclude by the end of the 2014-15 school year."This news comes on the heels of a similar report released Thursday, April 11 that NHC principals and athletic directors were discussing conference membership.The disparity in enrollment among NHC schools alluded to in today's release concerns the relatively higher enrollments of Homestead and Carroll than other schools in the conference.According to the Indiana High School Athletic Association's website, Homestead currently has the largest enrollment among NHC schools with 2,214, followed by Carroll with 2,054. East Noble is third largest with 1,237 students.The smallest enrollments in the NHC belong to Bellmont with 778 students, and Norwell with 822.The same site shows the enrollment at CCHS as 1,095.