'BUSCO: Commissioners address students

CHURUBUSCO — The Whitley County Board of Commissioners meeting, held Monday in the Churubusco High School auditorium, was a chance for the commissioners to introduce themselves and give the students in the audience political advice.“I want to leave you with this impression,” said County Commissioner Tom Rethlake. “It’s important for young people to get involved in politics. You need to push all the muddy water aside and say ‘Hey, that’s something I might be interested in.’”County Commissioner George Schrumpf told students he is the newest commissioner on the board, and when he looked into Whitley County and how it was run, he was impressed.“I really wanted to make a difference, and the only way you’re going to make a difference, is you have to volunteer,” said Schrumpf. “You have to be ready to help others, and the way to do that is to get involved.”Amber told the students a story about how Schrumpf solved a constituent’s problem himself when someone called him looking for an answer.“We’re at the level where we deal with people face to face,” said Amber. “We may be politicians, but the part we like is when we can really and truly help people on a one to one basis.”As the commissioners ran out of time to answer the student’s questions, they assured them they would respond to each one.