CCPD: Probes incident involving man hit by squad car

COLUMBIA CITY — Columbia City police are continuing to investigate an accident that involved a city police officer hitting a pedestrian with his squad car.Zachary Hesting, 38, of Columbia City, was injured early Friday morning when, according to a crash report by the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department, he was struck by a squad car.According to the WCSD report, Hesting was walking eastbound on Hanna Street near Whitley Street in Columbia City, when he saw lights coming up from behind him.Hesting said he moved to the curb on the left side of the road, and was struck by the vehicle.His elbow knocked off the mirror on the squad car, and according to the crash report, there was damage to the side of the vehicle as well. According to the report, the Columbia City police officer, Ken Smith, said he didn’t see Hesting walking down the street.Smith was wearing his seat belt and blew a .00 on a portable breath test.Columbia City Police Chief Tim Longenbaugh said though the Sheriff’s Department’s investigation is complete, CCPD is conducting its own investigation.“We’re still investigating what will happen on our end,” Longenbaugh said.