CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Comittee considers replacement options

COLUMBIA CITY — Christmas lights in Columbia City, which usually hang on the poles down Line Street and Main Street, may be getting replaced this year, as the old lights are estimated to be 15 years old.“Christmas lights are one way in which we can continue to be open and inviting during the holiday season,” said Mayor Ryan Daniel. “I think it’s great for community development.”According to Mayor Daniel, the Christmas light committee consists of himself, Columbia City Councilwoman Nicole Penrod and Columbia City Electric Department Superintendent, Larry Whetstone.“We talked about the fact that the Christmas lights, the ones that are on the poles with the candles — those are 15 years old, and it has a lot of electrical tape to keep it up,” said Mayor Ryan Daniel. “Larry mentioned multiple times, when they put them up on the poles, almost as soon as they put them up, the lights go out and they have to get back up there and fix it.”Mayor Daniel said the committee discussed their options, as they looked through catalogues and visited Herman’s Christmas Land in Pierceton.“We are able to get good products from Herman’s that have LED bulbs that are more efficient and usually cost more, but comparatively with the magazines or the catalogues that we had, Herman’s was cheaper, and there is a good potential that Herman’s will be cutting us even more of a break then the full price,” said Mayor Daniel.Mayor Daniel said he will be working on getting some information around to send to Herman’s in order to get quotes.“The point of the matter is, I think we’ll go with 23 snowflakes and 23 candles as a quote,” said Mayor Daniel. Whetstone said the snowflakes are four feet, making them very visible.According to Mayor Daniel, that will go to the Board of Works and Safety for them to approve the potential purchasing of those.According to the committee, lights out at Plaza Drive will not be necessary any more.“We’ll be putting the good candles that we have up on Frontage Road, being that it is a pretty high traffic are,” said Mayor Daniel. “It is also possible that next year we will look at the replacement of some of the lights that are on the courthouse square.”