CIP BUDGET: City council approves

COLUMBIA CITY — The 2013 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Budget was approved by the Columbia City Common Council at its meeting Tuesday.The budget included money for communications, curb/sidewalk, the park and pool, street, unplanned projects and WCEDC.For the park and pool, $90,000 was approved by the CIP committee for the Morsches Park bathroom facility.“It should be noted that for the bathroom facilities, I believe $40,000 of that was previously appropriated so $40,000 of that is already in our funds, but we needed to re-appropriate that,” said Mayor Ryan Daniel. “So we are adding $50,000 to the $40,000 that was already appropriated. That is to finish off the bathroom facility because the trail project came in obviously above what they had projected.”Daniel said the bathrooms were previously pushed back, so the CIP committee, along with Park Director Mark Green want to see the project come to fruition next year. Daniel also said there will probably be an additional appropriation to finish off the trail project.