City close to owning street

COLUMBIA CITY — Columbia City’s Board of Works and Safety listened to details of a dispute between two companies at its regular board meeting Friday.The issue — poor drainage on Walker Way and the cost of fixing it.At stake — city takeover of the street.“The city is not a party to that dispute,” said Columbia City Mayor Jim Fleck.An agreement has been drafted between CLW Investments Inc. and Hooks SuperX, Inc.Fleck said eventually, once the agreement has been signed by both parties, the town will take over responsibility of the road.“The road was put in by the developer,” said Fleck.The mayor said that for several years, heavy rainfall would highlight the poor drainage and spill rain water onto property owned by CLW.Although the agreement hasn’t been signed yet, Fleck described that agreement between the two parties as “close.”Included in the agreement is a payment by Hooks to CLW of $10,000 for use in fixing the drainage issue.Once the upgrades are made and the agreement is done, the city plans to take over ownership of the roadway.Fleck said the drainage problem is due to the slant of the road.