City looking for ways to reduce gasoline use

COLUMBIA CITY — Columbia City Mayor Jim Fleck is calling on his town’s department heads to come up with ways to help reduce “pain at the pump.”The mayor said earlier this week at the regular meeting of the Columbia City Common Council, and reiterated on Friday to the Board of Works and Safety, there is seemingly no end in sight to elevating gas prices.“We do have a need to create a plan within your department,” Fleck told the town’s department heads Friday morning.Fleck said he realizes a “one size fits all” approach will not work.“Every department has different gas consumption needs, we realize that,” he said.“But we need to get a strategy around.”Fleck said he has talked to other communities about their ideas for reducing gasoline consumption and also commented that New Haven is starting a vehicle take-home program.“As we see gas prices continue to rise, approaching four dollars a gallon, and certainly $3.60, I would like your suggestions by next week, so we can make sure that we manage as gas prices go up.”