City Reviews Ordinance in Council Meeting

Staff Writer

A first reading of the Ordinance 2020-6 an Amendment to Miscellaneous Offenses (Weapons) was approved during the common council on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

The ordinance states that no one is allowed to discharge, shoot, fire any pistol, or any spring air-operated gun capable of emitting projectiles, or any device designed to propel a projectile within the corporate limits of the city of Columbia City. The only exception is the lawful discharge of a weapon on tracts of 20 acres. According to Mayor Ryan Daniel, the language was adjusted to make more sense to the residents.

“As you read through this ordinance, you would find that it wasn’t that clear. Specifically, how those numbers came up, and how those parcel tracks came up and whether or not you can find them, whether it meant the 20 acre tracks. So really, this is clean-up language of that ordinance,” Mayor Daniel said.

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