City seeking two new cars for police

Columbia City police plan to add a pair of new cars to the department by early next year.The cars, one marked and one unmarked, will be delivered and “prepped” by a local car dealership and should be cruising the city’s streets by spring, according to Chief of Police Michael Petersen.According to Columbia City Mayor Jim Fleck, the funds to purchase the cars could be made at least partially available through savings by the city in salaries of two police officers called up to active military duty.The impending purchase was discussed briefly at Friday’s meeting of the Columbia City Board of Works and Safety.Peterson briefed the board on the prices of the two vehicles and said the department plans to trade in three of its current 21 vehicles to help offset the over purchase price.Each of the city’s 18 officers has their own vehicle and the department has two spare cars and a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) vehicle.The board discussed the purchases, but delayed further action until the matter could be discussed at Tuesday’s Columbia City Common Council meeting.