CHURUBUSCO — Churubusco Jr.-Sr. High School Assistant Principal Andrew Deming resigned at Smith-Green Community Schools board meeting Monday.“Mr. Deming submitted this letter,” said Ralph Bailey, interim superintendent. “He grew up in the East Noble School District so I guess you could say he went home.”Deming’s resignation is effective today. He has accepted a position with the EN Middle School.His letter said “I have come to appreciate and care for the staff and community at Churubusco. However, this position is a more secure and stable career move for me and my family.”The board also received a resignation from newly-hired principal of Churubusco Junior High School Jim Folland. He resigned his extra-curricular position as assistant baseball coach. “He asked me if he could teach just one science class,” said Bailey. “But I told him that it’s been my experience he’d be too busy.” Wendy Sieber, CJSHS teacher, was granted her request to an extension of her medical leave through the 2012-13 school year.Folland told the board it’s been two full years since Sieber has taught.“We wish her the best and hope her health gets better,” said Cathy Petrie, board president.New hires included the following 2012-13 extra-curricular positions for CJSHS. Paul Sade was hired as associate athletic director at a salary of $5,020; Todd Lortie as track assistant coach for both boys and girls at a salary of $1,241; Lori Straub will coach volleyball for eighth grade at a salary of $981 and Paige Moore will coach volleyball for sixth grade at a salary of $721.The board also approved the support staff contract agreement for Mary Richardson to be employed as a temporary speech and language pathologist for the 2012-13 school year at a rate of $38,464. Richardson’s salary will be charged to the general fund until March 1 and if Andrea Bartlett, SGCS current speech and language pathologist returns March 1, 2013 then Richardson’s salary for the year will be paid in part by funds of the IDEA Special Needs Grant.The board approved corporate authorization resolutions. Todd Fleetwood, business manager and transportation director told the board with changes in so many administrators it is necessary to update the school’s information with STAR Financial Bank.The only employees at SGCS to have authority to sign checks or have access to the corporation’s bank accounts are Fleetwood, Jodi Rayer, treasurer; Sharon Byerley, manager; James Folland, principal and Andrew Wagner, athletic director.Fleetwood will also be the SGCS representative to the School Employees Benefit Trust Fund (SEBT).Claims were approved. The regular claims totaled $662,336.06. Payroll was $494,423.86 for a grand total of $1,156,759.92.Fleetwood recently met with Indiana State Police Master Trooper Tom Merkling and the two reviewed SGCS policy in the transportation handbook. “We found that the federal policy was misstated,” said Fleetwood. “A revision stating ‘No employee shall perform safety sensitive functions within four hours after using alcohol. Furthermore, SGCS’s Drug/Alcohol Testing Policy states that no employee shall perform safety-sensitive functions within eight hours after using alcohol.’”Andy Wager, athletic director, submitted a fundraiser proposal to the board that would raise $5,000 in the fall. “Each athlete is required to sell 15 tumblers and they can be used at one of the local gas stations and at football games,” said Folland. The board approved the fundraiser. Each tumbler will have Churubusco Eagles and various other professional logos on them.In Reports:Shellie Miller, Churubusco Elementary School principal, reported teachers have been in and out of school taking advantage of their optional days and getting their classrooms ready for school to begin Aug. 17.CES will have their Family Day kick-off at 10 a.m. Aug. 17.Miller and Nicole Veit, assistant principal, are ready for school registration from noon to 7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday in the CES gymnasium. Parents are taking advantage of filling out forms that can be found http://www.sgcs.k12.in.us/.Folland announced the New Era Show Choir has been at camp all week and will perform at 7 p.m. Friday at the school.In sports the girls volleyball teams will scrimmage at 6 p.m. Wednesday. The boys football teams will travel to Heritage for their scrimmage at 6:30 p.m. Friday.Fleetwood worked with the insurance company and received quotes on a new pole vault pad. “The lowest bid came in at $14,000, but the insurance company is requiring it. Since it’s off season we are getting a discount,” said Fleetwood.Construction bids for the $6 million project throughout SGCS are due Aug. 15. The board will meet at a public work session before the Aug. 20 meeting when bids will be approved.Fleetwood noted a different traffic pattern has been created for SGCS due to the ongoing construction. Buses will enter the school from Washington Street and go behind the island and drop off students at the school and will exit onto Tulley Street. Non-bus traffic is urged to heed to the new routes and construction zones.Bailey meet with administrators for a three-hour meeting and went over many things.“Everything is on schedule. Everyone has been very cooperative,” said Bailey.“The most important thing is to trust us. We can run the school. If anyone has questions call me,” he said.In correspondence to the board a letter was read from ailing teacher Cindy Bartlett. Miller reported Bartlett looks good but is still treating her illness.Tanya Young, board member, invited everyone, including the community, to the annual Business Education Community Partnership Luncheon at 11 a.m. Aug. 15 at the SGCS cafeteria. Local pork farmers are cooking tenderloins for the luncheon that partners the business community with the educators.The meeting concluded with a detailed report on the 2013 Budget completed by Fleetwood.“I estimate we’ll be working with a $7.6 million dollar budget,” said Fleetwood.The official Average Daily Measurement (ADM) count will be taken on Sept. 15 and again in February 2013. It is important for every child to be in attendance on those days because the entire budget is based on the count of attendance.“The budget will be adopted at the Sept. 17 meeting and it is projected $1 million less than 2012,” said Fleetwood.The enrollment for 2010 was 1,245. In 2011 there were 1,228 students. Fleetwood noted in his research the enrollment in the 1990s was 1,400 students.