COESSE: Public hearing tonight

COLUMBIA CITY — A public hearing is scheduled for tonight at 7 p.m. in the Coesse Elementary School regarding a utilities study that will provide residents and property owners in that area with several options on extending water and sewer services to the community. “It will also have anticipated costs along with that,” said Jeff Walker, community development director of Columbia City at the Columbia City Common Council meeting Tuesday.“I certainly welcome everyone out for that. All the residents and property owners were hand delivered notices out there so we’re hoping for a good turnout,” said Walker.Since the project is outside the municipal boundaries, Columbia City would simply be the service provider.Mayor Ryan Daniel said the council would be a decider on the funding portion of the project, so they would be likely to see it come in front of them at some point.“It’s a county project, but because we have the utilities there, we are participating as a help, but we are not the lead agency,” said Daniel. “We’ve been helping gather data as for what the rates would be, what it would take for the system we already have versus what we would need to help service the area.”