Col. City updates signage

COLUMBIA CITY — The city of Columbia City is working to bring street signs up to federal guidelines.At the regular meeting Tuesday night of the Columbia City Common Council, Clerk-Treasurer Rosie Coyle said an ordinance is being considered regarding the update of speed limit signs in the downtown area.According to Coyle, speed limits downtown vary from 20 to 30 miles per hour.“Those speed limits are what they are,” she said. “But there are no signs posted. They (the city) will be purchasing signs for those. There are a few that are posted.”According to Street Department Superintendent Kelly Cearbaugh, the new signs are part of a project that began last year to bring the city up to federal compliance.“It’s federally mandated,” said Cearbaugh. “A lot of streets aren’t posted and if they aren’t, state statute says the speed limit is 30 miles per hour.”Cearbaugh said the federal regulations pertain also to the “reflectivity” of the signs.“We split the town up into 10 sections,” he said, adding that the first two sections were brought up to compliance this year.“One of the (mandates) is that we have a plan, which we do,” said Cearbaugh.Cearbaugh said the law requires that speed limit signs, stop signs and warning signs be changed by 2015 and that the final step, the changing of street name signs to meet reflectivity guidelines be done by 2018.“I expect we’ll be done completely by 2015,” said Cearbaugh.“That’s what I’m looking for.”Cearbaugh said the 10 sections are being done two sections per year, which is how he’s able to project being done ahead of schedule.Sections A and B were completed in 2010. The proposed ordinance reported to the council by Coyle outlines the plans for Sections C and D, to be done over the course of 2011.