COLUMBIA CITY LEAVES: 2017 pickup is now underway

2017 Columbia City leaf pickup started Monday.
Staff Writer

Columbia City crews have started using two leaf vacuums along the same route they took last year in the annual leaf pick-up which started Monday morning.

The city is divided in half down Main Street, with one machine in each half, running at the same time.

The leaf pick-up is street side only, as the equipment will not fit in the alleys.

Each pick-up day the equipment will only pass once per week for six weeks.

The Street Department is asking residents to have their leaves ready before the Monday of each week.

Department personnel ask that leaves be raked up to the curb and not into the street to avoid clogging storm sewers.

Officials remind the public that this is leaf pick-up only. The final limb pick-up in the city for the year was Oct. 2.