COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: More talk slated for S.W.

SOUTH WHITLEY — More discussion of a comprehensive plan is on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting of the South Whitley Town Council, which is scheduled to meet at 6:30 P.M. in City Hall.The town’s leadership has recently been looking into the need for such a plan, as well as what it would take to have one done.Lori Shipman, an economic development consultant, has been working with several members of South Whitley government from both the town council and the town’s planning commission.She said last week she started meeting with South Whitley officials earlier in the summer.An action plan was presented to the South Whitley Plan Commission by commission member Mike Krause.Also spearheading the town’s efforts for revitalization is town board member Tony Starkey.Krause addressed the town’s plan commission July 23, raising issues on everything from the lack of a grocery in the town to ways of improving the town’s signage.He told the commission that South Whitley “has a leakage of retail establishments.”In the past year, South Whitley lost the services of Heyerly’s Meat Market, which closed, and the Kent Theater, which succumbed to fire.Shipman said town leaders will work with experts in community development around the county and that assistance in the form of grants from the state are possible.The town council meeting will be held in Town Hall, located at 118 E. Front