CONCERNED: SGCS addresses ADA issues

CHURUBUSCO — Members of Smith-Green Community Schools showed their concern for students with disabilities during the public work session Monday night.Greg Wehling from Moake Park Group showed the board the final architectural drawings for a proposed building project. Wehling explained the $6 million project which includes a new cafeteria for the elementary school, five new classrooms, ADA bathrooms, a new special needs classroom and a new security system at the main entrance at CES.Churubusco Junior Senior High School will get a completely new air conditioning and heating system, a new security system and offices at the main entrance, updated locker rooms and handicapped accessible stage and seating in the Jason Smith Auditorium.After months of planning and tweaking the building plan, the board approved the building projects on June 4.Cathy Petrie, SGCS board president, noticed Wehling did not talk about the locker rooms being ADA accessible.“I would assume there are students in wheel chairs needing to use the locker rooms,” said Petrie.Wheling said, “There are ramps and railings for the students.”“But what happens if we have a child in there and we have a fire?” asked Petrie.The board discussed it and said the original design was limited on price. She asked if the board could have it priced both ways.“We can’t get it designed that quickly. The designs are going out for bids on July 23. We would need that design within a week or two,” said Wehling.“I just don’t feel good about that. I’m worried about a child’s safety,” said Petrie.Tanya Young, board member, said that Andrew Wagner, CJSHS athletic director, and Nick Uecker were in that discussion regarding the locker rooms, but they were given a budget and they had to stick with it.Wehling said timing is not a problem and said his firm can go ahead and design it.Board member Michael Sturgis agreed with Petrie.“We need to prepare those locker rooms with special needs children in mind,” said Sturgis.There are