COUNCIL: Reviews interlocal agreement

COLUMBIA CITY — The Whitley County Council reviewed an interlocal agreement between the county and the Whitley County Solid Waste Management District. It was later tabled for further clarification on the agreement’s requirements.The agreement is a formality describing how the county and the Solid Waste Management District work together. It came before the Whitley County Board of Commissioners at its meeting Monday.“The reason for the interlocal agreement is the Solid Waste is their own organization, but Whitley County collects their fees and gives the fees back to them so therefore you have to have an agreement,” said County Commissioner Don Amber.During the commissioners meeting, Commissioner Don Amber pointed out some things he had noticed in the agreement that has not been followed for several years.The Solid Waste Management District is going to reevaluate the agreement with its attorney, along with the Whitley County Attorney Dan Sigler.In a section of the agreement, it mentions a joint board, which calls for a commissioner representative, a council representative and a solid waste board representative. According to the agreement, the joint board is supposed to meet at least once a year before Oct. 1 to clear whether the fees are going to stay the same or not.“But if you think about it, all three commissioners are on the Solid Waste Board, you have a council representative on the board, but we’re going to try to get some clarification on that before we move forward,” said Jorell Tucker, with the Solid Waste District.In other business, Veteran Services Officer Gene Rohrer approached the board asking for part time help.“I think we can do a better job if we have a part time person,” said Rohrer. “I’m requesting we bring in someone for 15 hours a week at $10 an hour.”Councilman Jim Bayman said he was surprised there are not people lined up to volunteer in the office.“This came to us pretty fast,” said Councilman Thomas Western. “I think we need to look into seeing what we need first. We need time to think abut it.”The council tabled further discussion on the subject until its meeting next month.