County agrees to dedicated Internet provider for office

COLUMBIA CITY — The Whitley County Recorder’s office will be changing Internet service providers.Former Recorder Rosemary Brown approached the Whitley County Commissioners in December about needing more bandwidth.She told the Commissioners that everything her department records goes to an off-site server where the data can be accessed and certain purchases of documents can be made.“We have documents coming and going and by sharing with all the other departments, it slows everything down,” said Brown Tuesday.Brown is now the Deputy Recorder under newly-elected Recorder April Whetstone.The Recorder’s office’s traffic on the Internet justified the need for that office to have its own dedicated line, said Brown.The official request was made Tuesday to the Whitley County Council by Information Technology Consultant Jim Becher, who recommended the county approve the use of Internet service provider Mediacom for the Recorder’s Office’s line.“Mediacom is about twice as fast,” said Becher.“Is that important to us?” asked Councilman Bill Overdeer.“Very,” replied Becher.Becher told the board the very volume of data that is produced by that one department makes a fast and dedicated line essential.“Mediacom is the better bang for the buck. Price-wise, it’s a wash, but Mediacom is twice as fast on the upload and 50 percent faster on the download,” said Becher.The county approved the move, which will cost $139.95 per month and require a three-year contract.The contract for Internet services throughout the rest of the county departments ends with the current service provider in July.Becher said he recommended that at that time, the county consider mixing services between both providers.