County to review DFI budget

COLUMBIA CITY — The 2011 budget for Whitley County’s chapter of Drug-Free Indiana will find its way in front of the Whitley County Council Tuesday.The program’s coordinator, Nancy Prickett, presented the proposed budget to the Whitley County Board of Commissioners Jan. 18.“The funds available for distribution in 2011 are $45,000 said Prickett in a letter submitted to the commissioners and made available for the council’s Tuesday meeting.Prickett announced the money would be distributed for prevention/education, treatment, justice and administrative costs.“We have to divide it up equally among the four categories,” she told the commissioners.According to Prickett, the organization’s finance committee met in December to decide where the money would go.Whitley County Drug Free Indiana requested $64,663 for 2011, receiving a portion of that.As a result, several programs which were slated to receive money were short-changed.Prickett was asked by the commissioners why the Troy Center, slated to get $2,642 in the proposed budget, was cut in the final tally.Prickett said in the center’s request, the money was earmarked for exercise equipment.She told the commission the finance committee couldn’t justify the purchase as being related to drug abuse prevention or education.Also eliminated from disbursement was the Anthony Wayne Council of the Boy Scouts, which requested $2,000.The $45,000 comes from user fees collected throughout the year from those involved with drug or alcohol offenses.