COURT CASES: Reaser sentenced to 10 years for meth dealing

COLUMBIA CITY — A Columbia City man was sentenced in Whitley County Circuit Court Monday for dealing in methamphetamine. Michael Reaser pleaded guilty and received a 10-year sentence to be served at the Whitley County jail. Four years of the sentence were suspended and six will be served.Whitley County Circuit Court Judge James Heuer said having Reaser serve the sentence locally would be better since he could perhaps get on work release and help support his child.In his sentencing, Heuer said Reaser’s age, and his remorse, were mitigating factors. However, his juvenile record was an aggravating factor and was described by the judge as “poor.” “There is a possibility of re-offending,” Heuer said. “At this point in time you need drug and alcohol treatment, a job and start supporting your child. You can have a local sentence to take advantage of these opportunities.”In his statement, Reaser apologized for his conduct.“I was with the wrong people and started getting involved in the wrong things,” he said.Dean Pressler was in court facing the possibility of bond revocation in his case. Pressler has been released on bond for his case of child molestation. The state filed a motion for bond revocation based on a failed drug test. The matter was continued for a week.A trial date was set in the Pressler case for May 21 and 22, with a final pre-trial conference set for May 13. The final exchange of witnesses is 30 days before the trial date.Troy Fritz had a trial set for July 9 and 10. Fritz was arrested for robbery, a Class C felony, and theft, a Class D felony.It is alleged that on Feb. 8, 2012, he robbed Walgreens and took prescription drugs, stoelopana and fentanyl. Fritz’s final pre-trial conference will be July 1.