'CREATIVE' CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: City to select winners of holiday contest

COLUMBIA CITY — Everything from the Grinch on a rooftop to a 12-foot Santa Claus decorate local houses in Columbia City each year.Some decorations are store-bought, while others are homemade, but in the upcoming week, each house in the city limits will be judged in the 21st Annual Christmas Lighting Award Contest.Judging the contest will be Columbia City Common Council President Dan Weigold and Councilman Ben Romine — who will stroll down the streets of Columbia City looking for houses that beat the competition.“What we look for are the creativity of our residents, how well the decorations are organized, as well as if they have themes,” said Weigold.Weigold said he likes to see decorations on the roof of a house, or arrangements that would take a large amount of time to make and display.“It takes a lot of work to put something like that together, and that’s what this is all about — recognizing the hard work of local citizens,” said Weigold.For a more in depth look at this story, see the Nov. 30 issue of The Post and Mail. Don't have a subscription? Call (260) 244-5153 or subscribe to our e-edition. For breaking news, sports updates and additional coverage, bookmark the homepage and find us on facebook.