DEAD AIM: Civil War event slated for this Saturday

Dr. Russ Gilliom takes dead aim with his Civil War-era rifled musket. He will be at Saturday’s local event. Also see “Indiana During the Civil War” feature in today’s print edition of The Post & Mail  on Page B4.
Staff Writer

Visitors will have the opportunity to step back in time to the most devastating war in United States history as reenactors from the Union and the Confederacy will present glimpses into the American Civil War on Saturday, July 23.
Authentic uniforms and weaponry to original artifacts, displays and live representations will be available for viewing from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. at the Woodlands Senior Center. 710 Opportunity Dr., Columbia City.
The senior center is located across the street from Bones Theatre.
Visitors will also be able to sample food items cooked over open fires, as well as interact with the reenactors as they offer information on the incredibly turbulent times of the 1860s in our U.S. history.
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