DELAYED: Col. City fireworks postponed

COLUMBIA CITY — Due to the city’s current burn ban, Fire Chief Thomas LaRue said the fireworks, which were previously scheduled to take place July 3 at Morsches, are now postponed. The announcement was made at the Columbia City Common Council meeting Tuesday.“We decided it was best,” said LaRue. “I don’t want to have grass fires. I don’t want to have fires at all.”LaRue said he believes the city is more than eight inches behind in rain since April 1 of this year.“That is a significant amount of rain,” said LaRue. “It’s going to take us a while to catch up, I believe.”Not only the city, but the entire county is also currently under a burn ban after it was decided the conditions were steadily growing worse with no relief.Mayor Ryan Daniel said postponing the city’s fireworks was a tough decision for the fire chief and the city to make, but he believes it was the right thing to do.“We are going to continue being on a burn ban until further notice,” said Daniel.Mark Green, the park director, said there is no set date for the fireworks now, but it will be rescheduled for another evening possibly in the fall.“We have some ideas for dates in mind so we should have that released here pretty soon,” said Green. “We are also working with Spike and the Bulldogs to find a date.”