DETECTIVE ENTERS PLEA: Vogely pleads guilty to OWI charge

COLUMBIA CITY — A Whitley County Sheriff’s detective is not expected to return to duty in the near future after pleading guilty to operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Whitley County Superior Court Monday.Charles Vogely, 61, was arrested for OWI Saturday. He pleaded guilty in court Monday and was sentenced to one year at the Whitley County Jail, with six days to serve and the remainder suspended.Vogely’s driver’s license was suspended for 90 days, but Judge Doug Fahl said Vogely can apply for an exception that would allow him to drive to work. Vogely implied that he is no longer employed.“If I can find work I will (apply for the license),” Vogely said. “Just tell me where you will work,” Fahl said. “I will need that (information) for the license.”A complaint was received Saturday that a person was driving recklessly on County Road 950 West, near Larwill. Vogely was stopped by a WCSD deputy, and arrested by the Indiana State Police. His blood alcohol content (BAC), according to a breath test, was .18, more than twice the legal limit of .08. Official blood work was not available as of Monday.Vogely was questioned by Whitley County Prosecutor Matt Rentschler as to how much alcohol he had consumed.“I had more (vodka) than I thought,” he said. “I thought I only had two.”When it was time for Judge Fahl to sentence him, Vogely was willing to take what the court gave him.“Whatever you think, I have no defense,” he said.As part of the sentencing, Vogely had to pay a $100 fine. Fahl said the sentence is typical for first-time OWI offenders.