DIRECTOR NAMED: United Way names Baker as new director

COLUMBIA CITY ­­ ­— The United Way of Whitley County recently named Cindy Baker as its executive director. On June 4, Baker will officially take the position, but her enthusiasm is already kicking in.“I am excited about this opportunity and to get out in the community. I am looking forward to opening up doors for the United Way. One of the things I think I will focus on is educating the community on what the United Way does and what it can offer the community,” said Baker.Baker has degrees from Indiana University and Grand Canyon University. She is a Columbia City High School graduate and a Whitley County native. “I am a product of this community and the people who have invested in me as an individual. I am a proud member of the community.” As a part of her new position, Baker wants to reach out to other United Way organizations to learn how to make what already exists in Columbia City better.“I know I will spend the first six months educating myself. It won’t be reinventing the wheel, but adding more spokes to it. I want to see what needs are not being met and how we can build on the things we already do. I hope to help the United Way build relationships within the community,” Baker said.In a recent newsletter published by the United Way of Whitley County, Baker was quoted saying, “The United Way has deep roots within Whitley County and I know that thousands of individuals have benefited from its agencies. It will be my pleasure to get to know those who have been helped through the United Way and to share their stories with the community.”Because of United Way’s reputation in the county, Baker wanted to partner with the non-profit organization to see that the area was impacted for generations.“I have always seen the United Way as an organization that does good for the community. I really feel drawn by their tag line, ‘live united’ because we are all connected. We all have to be united to make this a community that’s a good place to work and live and raise our children. We have a responsibility to make this community great and the United Way creates a good foundation for that. I have kids and I want them to grow up in a community that helps them be well-rounded, responsible members of the community. I think the United Way and what it does is one of the things that will contribute to the success of our area,” said Baker.The United Way will host a Thank You Breakfast where the community and supporters will have a chance to meet Baker. The event will take place June 9 at 7:30 a.m. at Eagles Nest Event Center. For more information on the United Way of Whitley County contact 244-6454 or visit