DUST CONTROL: County highway department announces calcium chloride program

COLUMBIA CITY — Despite a reduction of $650,000 in its annual budget, the Whitley County Highway Department is announcing the continuation of a dust control measure conducted with the nod of the Whitley County Board of Commissioners.“We will again, by contract, have calcium chloride applied at each residence for dust control,” said Mike Barton, highway department superintendent.“The commissioners would like to do what (they) can,” said Barton in a press release.“This year, we will have chloride applied 50 feet prior and 50 feet after the original 200 feet that has been done for approximately 20 years. Most counties are not paying for dust control any longer, but we’ll give the public a reduced rate to buy the chloride on their own.”Barton said the added 100 feet should keep the dust from coming around the ends and the 200 feet in the middle has been applied for over 20 years. This combination will help control dust at no cost.“If you feel that you need additional chloride you can order it at $80 per 100 feet,” said Barton.Barton said this can be done by calling (574) 267-2286 and asking for Matt. “Tell them you are from Whitley County,” said Barton.Any questions for the Highway Department can be answered by calling 248-3123.