ETA: Phase III presented to board

COLUMBIA CITY — Stephen Culbert of Gibraltar Design, Inc. came before the Whitley County Consolidated School board Monday to present Eagle Tech Academy, Phase III — relocation of the Technology Department and the Reconfiguration of the Administrative Center.“We’re very excited because this is a 21st century learning environment that we are creating in this building that is historically many different things to the community and the school system,” said Culbert. “This is the final project to complete the Eagle Tech Academy.”During the presentation Culbert gave the board a recap, informing members that the recommendations for bids for Phase III should be in front of them fairly soon.“The project schedule changed a little bit due to another project,” said Culbert. “The recommendations of the bids will be given to the school board on September 4 and have a contractor start soon thereafter.”For the construction of Phase III, Culbert estimated $1,763,000. For the construction of all three phase combined, the number adds to about $3,400,000.In this part of the project, Culbert said the following will be addressed: modifying the central office, improving the infrastructure of the building, relocating the Technology Department, upgrading the lighting system and putting in new ceilings, carpet and paint.“We’re renovating a little over 36,000 square feet, and that includes the space at Indian Springs,” said Culbert.With this being the final stage of the project, Culbert hopes the changes will be made by July of 2013.