EXTENSION: WCCS, Troy Center update agreement

COLUMBIA CITY — The Troy Alternative Center for Learning has been in contract negotiations with Whitley County Consolidated Schools (WWCS) to extend the agreement already in place.O’Connor said the center is an alternative and sometimes a last chance for many students, who are facing either expulsion or are simply not succeeding in a typical classroom environment.“As we’ve looked at the data, we’ve seen the program has been successful for us,” O’Connor said. “This placement is ideal for students in need of additional social considerations.”O’Connor said the center provides a safe, supportive and structured environment for learning to take place while also maintaining a level of flexibility to maintain student needs on a specific basis.The statistics show that a little over 50 percent of students who enter the program either earn enough credits to graduate, or show enough to move back into a traditional learning environment.Currently, WCCS has 15 seats for use at Troy, and the extension looks to continue with that figure.It will come at a cost of $31,980 to the district for the 2012-2013 school year.The 15 seats can shift during the year, being used for both coming and going students.O’Connor said the funding will come from the Education Job Fund, something that will not be in effect next year and must therefore be used by that time.