EYE ON THE LEGISLATURE: Whitko discusses school-related bills mulled by Indiana Statehouse

PIERCETON — With state legislatures having 167 bills which will ultimately affect school education, Whitko Community School Corporation’s Superintendent Steve Clason is unsure how many of the bills will require a committee hearing.Clason provided a detailed update on a few legislature bills which may affect the corporation at its Board of School Trustees regular monthly meeting Monday evening.“Who knows how many of them (167 bills) will get a committee hearing or actually get to the docket,” Clason said. Clason outlined a few bills, including cursive writing back into the schools, mandatory kindergarten, a bill requiring more local produce and manufactured goods in the school’s food program, 183 student days compared to 180, and multiple student count dates.Currently, Average Daily Membership (ADM) student count dates are Sept. 15 which determines how much funding WCSC will receive for the school year.“They (legislatures) are talking about changing that (ADM) and having several different dates for school counts,” Clason said.“The one that has the most attraction now is one that would keep the September date and then adding a January date with legislatures trying to equalize the funding because a number of schools receive students back from charter or private schools after the (ADM) count date, then they (teacher) have to basically educate them (students) for nothing while the other schools get their money.”