Fair board gets mixed bag of post-fair news

     The Whitley County 4-H Inc. board met Tuesday night and heard some good news and some bad.
     The 4-H Fair brought in about $21,000 less than last year according to Chad Nix, treasurer, but the expenses have not been completely tallied to give the whole picture.
     Bill Leeuw, board president reported Whitley County’s reputation is exemplary when it comes to the 4-H Fair and especially the auction.
     Leeuw heard comments that Whitley County’s 4-H Auction is the best run in the area “far and above” the rest. He credits the 4-H Inc. board for the quality of the program.
     “The difference is we work for the kids,” said Leeuw.
 Other good news reported at the meeting was the successful appeal of the lawsuit regarding the Indiana Equine Law. The appeal was a test case for the law, according to Leeuw, and regarded the case of an injury a 4-H parent allegedly received July 25, 2007 during the 4-H Fair by a kick from a horse.
     Leeuw reminded the board of the upcoming elections. Four board members are up for re-election: Aaron McDevitt, Cathy Heritier, Dave Rupley and Chad Nix.  
     Bob McKown, board member, informed the board of his resignation in November, stating he would be unable to fulfill the last two years of his term.
In other business:
     — The board discussed the projects for the coming year and voted to proceed with the wall project around the track. Jack Pletcher said for $1,270 the block will be moved, a trench dug and the blocks replaced and for an additional $1,500 to Jerry Wigent, dirt will be brought in to finish the work and rye grass planted.
     — Other projects the board is considering are completion of the drainage project and the future of the Shelter House.
     — Plans for a new Swine Club Office will need to be presented to the county drainage board as the building would be within 75 feet of a drain tile.
     — A committee was appointed to look into converting the concession bathrooms into storage with new bathrooms to be built at a better location.
     — Jon Kissinger reported he has been offered 1,000 to 1,200 feet of free fencing, with gates, from a remodel at Wawasee High School.
­     — The board discussed putting a cap on the checks that can be written the day after the auction for 4-Hers’ sales. 4-H Inc. carries the cost until the buyers pay, sometimes months later.
     — The board discussed where the liability lies if a pregnant 4-Her were to be injured.
     The 4-H program is always in need of more volunteers to help out and the 4-H Inc. board is also looking for past small animal round robin winners to complete the board of winners in the small animal show arena. Call the extension office at 244-7615 if you can help.