'FAST LIKE A CHEETAH!" Columbia City youngster’s need for speed is all in the family

Zavier Derbeck has his eyes locked on the “Christmas tree,” a series of vertical lights that electronically signal the start of a drag race for his Junior Dragster class at Osceola Dragway. The Coesse Elementary School fifth grader has many racing accomplishments in his young career.
Staff Writer

Zavier D. Derbeck’s 5th grade classmates at Coesse Elementary School have a nickname for him: Cheetah.
You know, “fast like a cheetah,” the fastest land animal in the world. A cheetah can achieve bursts of speed hitting 68-75 mph.
Zavier can do that too – while strapped in the cockpit of his Junior Dragster at Osceola Dragway in St. Joseph County near South Bend.

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