FESTIVAL FIREWORKS: City officials pleased despite bad weather

COLUMBIA CITY — Despite strong rain showers and even instances of hail in the afternoon that sent many local citizens taking cover in their cars, city officials said the fireworks which took place later Saturday night at the Fall Festival went smoothly.“After about 3:30 p.m., when the sun and blue sky came out, it was really nice weather for fireworks out there,” said Mayor Ryan Daniel.Daniel complimented the volunteer fire department, who parked cars for the event, and the park staff.According to Daniel, Columbia City Park Director Mark Green and himself will be meeting at the end of this week to go over the Fall Festival to discuss potential changes or things they feel they could do differently in the future.Columbia City Fire Chief Tom LaRue complimented everyone involved in the event, and Columbia City Police Chief Tim Longenbaugh said the festival went smoothly for the police department as it was incident free.“We had a lot of officers working that night, and they all had different assignments and they did a fine job,” said Longenbaugh.“It seemed to go really well.”