FIREWORKS AUTHORITY: Council gives Board of Works say-so to set dates

COLUMBIA CITY — The authority to grant Columbia City residents permission to shoot off fireworks in the city was transferred from one governing body to another this week.An amendment was passed on second reading concerning the city’s Fireworks Ordinance at the Columbia City Common Council meeting Tuesday.Mayor Ryan Daniel said the ordinance had strict standards as to only allowing citizens to use fireworks on specific days in the year.“This ordinance, first of all allows the Board of Works to set forth any additional dates, like this year when we had the burn ban,” said Daniel.Daniel said the ordinance also recognized the fact that the city does not handle the commercial grade fireworks, as they are governed by the Indiana Code.The ordinance does, however, regulate consumer grade fireworks, giving the Columbia City Board of Works the power to set additional dates.“The reason for that is because the Board of Works sets forward things like parades and additional dates,” said Daniel.“It fits more appropriately under the Board of Works.”It was noted by the council that the ordinance read that the Common Council of Columbia City had the authority to regulate the use of fireworks within the city’s jurisdiction.The motion was made to approve the ordinance on second reading with the change that the authority to regulate fireworks be given to the Board of Works. The Board of Works will now have the opportunity to set additional dates at its next regularly scheduled meeting.