FOOD ESTABLISHMENT ORDINANCE: Health board looking to make revisions

COLUMBIA CITY — With the state reducing the number of visits the health department is required to make to restaurants every year, the Whitley County Health Department is looking to revise its Food Establishment Ordinance.Dr. Lisa Hatcher, health officer at the Whitley County Health Department, came before the Whitley County Council at its Wednesday meeting to make the board aware of the revisions being made, which would need to be approved by the council to become law.“There actually is no written requirement,” said Hatcher. “The interpretation was that one time a year would be enough.”According to Hatcher, this would free the health department to make more inspections on restaurants that need it.“We are ready to send it to the county attorney to have it looked at before bringing it back to the health board to be approved and then before you as a proposed ordinance,” said Hatcher.