GETTING THE WORD AROUND: 4-H board discusses communication

COLUMBIA CITY — If there was an emergency during the Whitley County 4-H Fair, how would word get around? That was the question on each board member’s mind as they listened to Frank Rhoades, a veteran 4-H director in Kosciusko County. After walking the Whitley County 4-H Fairgrounds with several board members, Rhoades has come up with an idea on how this county can be safer during the fair. “You would be hard pressed to get the system installed at this point of the year, with your fair only five months away,” said Rhoades. “I would recommend for you to come up with a plan that every person in charge have a cell phone. I further suggest you have a phone system with an amplifier and phone in every building. Meanwhile you really need a bull horn.” said Rhoades.He also said a plan is necessary if a child becomes lost. “We’ve lost a few children in Kosciusko County and our plan helped us quickly relocate them to their parents,” said Rhoades.Crystal VanHouten, a Whitley County 4-H member, requested the board pay costs for her to attend the Science Workshop. The board approved the measure.