Handbooks, budgets on agenda for school meeting

COLUMBIA CITY — Whitley County Consolidated School Corporation’s Board of School Trustees will roll up its sleeves and get to work Monday on several issues including the various school handbooks and the corporation’s budget.In its regular meeting Monday, slated to begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Marshall Community Building, board members will hear a presentation on the district handbooks for the primary, middle and high schools.“Every year we discuss this,” said Superintendent Dr. Patricia O’Connor. “We have handbooks for each school level. They basically outline procedures and protocols and provide day-to-day information that parents need.”In those handbooks, according to O’Connor, are procedures for reporting attendance, grading and guidelines for disciplinary issues.“We try to cover all aspects of the school,” she said.O’Connor said the next handbooks will vary little from the previous editions.“There are only minor tweaks here and there,” she said.The board will also be discussing the budget.According to O’Connor, the board will be eyeing budget cuts, particularly personnel reductions, if any.“We’ll be reviewing where we think we’ll have to go,” she said.The deadline for making cuts of certified (teachers) personnel is May 1. Other employees, or “classified” personnel can be cut any time, O’Connor said.O’Connor added that budget issues in a school corporation are particularly challenging since schools operate on a “school” calendar while budgets are based on a calendar year.