HIGH PRICE TAG: Re-bid on tap for trailhead bldg.

COLUMBIA CITY — Two construction bid packages received for the 320-square-foot Morches Park Trailhead building are approximately $40,000 to $55,000 higher than expected – resulting in Columbia City Park Board members choosing to re-bid the project within the next two months.Two bids were originally opened on Dec. 14, which included Desmonds, Inc. (Fort Wayne) with a bid of $123,700 and three alternate bids totaling $6,700; and W. J. Carey Construction (South Whitley) with a bid of $139,277 and three alternate bids totaling $7,000. Registered architect Teresa Ladd and Derek Fredrickson with Engineering Resources, Fort Wayne, attended the park board’s Monday evening meeting and provided a re-cap on the two bids received.With Engineering Resources estimating the entire project at $413,500 (bridge, trail and trailhead building), the board has received $388,900 in donations leaving a balance of $24,600 still required for funding. Donations include $68,900 from outside services; $100,000 from the DEKKO Foundation ;10,000 from the Columbia City Parks Department, $150,000 from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR);$30,000 from the Whitley County Community Foundation (WCCF); and $30,000 from the Capital Projects Fund.