HIGHWAY DEPT.: works on plans for sealing, dust control

COLUMBIA CITY — The Highway Department is laying out plans for their summer sealing program and the continuation of dust control efforts.“It’s when we get the most calls,” said Mike Barton, highway department superintendent. “They want to know which roads will be done first and second and if there are roads that are going to be done at all.”“We’ll go out, and especially the roads we’ve milled, we want to get them out of any possible dust they’ve seen since last fall,” said Barton.Barton said the Highway Department has not seen as much dust on the roads as they expected.“Those roads have some calcium chloride built into them to help make them hard, and it also takes the dust away,” said Barton.Mainly what the department will be doing this year is going back after all the roads they double sealed in 2009-10. As far as working on single seals, Barton said there are about 70 miles of road.“It’s a good year,” said Barton. “It is less than what we’ve been doing, but those years we were just way ahead on, and this 70 is still a real good one I think.”