INSURANCE IN SOUTH WHITLEY?: Town board considers changing coverage for town employees

SOUTH WHITLEY — With a monthly savings of $2,700, South Whitley town council members voted to change health insurance coverage for town employees, effective May 1.“I met with town employees on this Physicians Health Plan (PHP) which is a less expensive plan and it will save the town some money until the wages and benefits comes around in November,” said Council President Tony Starkey in Tuesday evening’s monthly meeting. “New health insurance online submittal applications need to be done by each employee by May 1 and new (PHP) rates will hold until then.”Currently, 11 town employees have a Health Savings Account plan through Anthem with a monthly premium of $12,600, compared to PHP at $9,900 each month.In order to receive the $2,700 monthly savings, the town must renew its membership with the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce at an annual cost of $375.“I think it’s been since 2008 that the town was a member of the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce,” Clerk-Treasurer Bob Gould said. “Dues were never renewed.”The PHP plan is similar to the town’s current Anthem policy with a $2,500 single deductible and a $5,000 family deductible, along with 100 percent of claims covered after deductibles are met.