IREAD-3: Summer results please WCCS superintendent

COLUMBIA CITY — As the summer I-READ3 test results came in, Dr. Patricia O’Connor, superintendent of Whitley County Consolidated Schools (WCCS), said she was pleased with the results made by the third graders.“We had approximately 260 third-grade students who did take the I-READ3 test, and we had approximately 22 who did not pass the test at that time,” said O’Connor. “Those students received additional reading instruction, special reading instruction, and 12 of those students attended our Camp Read A Lot.”The original results for I-READ3 were obtained in April. If a student failed the test, a window of remediation opened, and the third graders were given the opportunity to take it again over the summer.This is the first year Indiana third graders have been faced with I-READ3, and they were specifically required to pass it before proceeding to fourth-grade reading instruction.If a student failed the test a second time, they would not continue to fourth-grade reading, but they could still move forward in other subjects.“We were overwhelmingly successful,” said O’Connor.“I’m so very very pleased with the results of our third graders.”O’Connor said the number of students who did not pass the test was so low she knew the names.“That doesn’t happen without a lot of work from a lot of folks,” said O’Connor.A reading specialist, principals, students and parents were all thanked for their support during the preparation of this process. “That dedication, and that commitment to our students was very very inspirational, and I thank them for their efforts,” said O’Connor. “I’m just really pleased with the results.”