Last boiler down: Marshall bldg. without heat this morning

COLUMBIA CITY — Employees working in the Marshall Community Building this morning were sitting at their desks in their winter coats.The building, which houses the Whitley County Consolidated School Corporation’s district offices, has been limping along for some time with only one of its two boilers operational.Last night, according to Business Manager Tony Zickgraf, that last boiler went down.“They (maintenance crews) discovered it wasn’t working this morning,” said Zickgraf. “They had a part and got it on at 6 a.m. this morning. So, it is working it’s just taking awhile to warm up.” Zickgraf reported to the corporation’s Board of School Trustees earlier this month that the boilers need replaced.He said one has not been operational for some time and the other, more than 45 years old, was working on borrowed time.“They (employees in the building) aren’t too happy with me this morning,” said Zickgraf jokingly.He said replacement of the boiler system will take place in increments to ensure a seamless transition.Zickgraf said the long-dormant boiler will be replaced first.“Once that one is up and running, we’ll replace the other one,” he said.The new boiler system is estimated to cost $153,184 and, according to Zickgraf’s report to the board, should take about three to four weeks to arrive after being ordered, with installation expected to take approximately another two to three weeks.