LEAD LETTER: Mayor discusses city water quality

Staff Writer

COLUMBIA CITY— In a statement to Columbia City residents, Mayor Ryan Daniel said that the city water is safe after some tests showed elevated levels of lead.
A month ago, the Columbia City Water Department conducted a routine testing of the city’s drinking water. The department tests the water regularly for levels of chemical compounds and toxins, including lead.
Three of the 30 tests that were conducted indicated that the city’s water had high levels of lead.
Concerned, the city underwent further investigation and testing to examine the accuracy of their findings.
What they discovered, according to Mayor Daniel, is that the three tests showing these elevated levels had flaws in the actual testing, leading to the skewed result.
After re-testing once more, the city passed all of the lead tests, complying with the proper levels.
In other words, the city had lower than allowable lead levels.

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