LEEUW: Wins slew of ISF poultry prizes

COLUMBIA CITY — Jackie Leeuw, 18, is used to being named champion in poultry competition at the Whitley County 4-H Fair and is getting honors at the Indiana State Fair as well.Recently she won ISF’s Grand Champion Roasters and Meat Type Overall and Reserve Grand Champion Commercial Overall.There were 30 other cages of chickens in the meat division and 50 cages of chickens in the overall round.Leeuw had two chickens in the Sale Of Champ-ions at the 2012 ISF.“This was my second time in the Sale of Champions and it was really cool,” said Leeuw.Jennifer Hinen, another ISF champion held her trophies during the sale.Her chickens sold for $5,450. In 2010, Leeuw set the sales record at $8050.“To beat that sale record is my goal for 2013,” she said.Leeuw began her interest in showing chickens after seeing her brother, Josh, show them in 4-H.“My grandma always raised chickens. They are so easy to raise and it doesn’t take much to care for them. It’s a great project for any 4-Her,” said Leeuw.“I love seeing the chicken industry gain popularity. We can get more people involved and that’s great. They can get farm experience, showing experience and meet the buyers. It’s a small animal and anyone can raise and show them at 4-H,” she said.She is a senior at Columbia City High School and is on the golf team and FFA.She is the daughter of Lori and Bill Leeuw. Her brother Josh is studying to be a priest at the University of Notre Dame.Leeuw is undecided on where she will attend college but hopes to play golf and study business in pursuit of a career in hospital management.