Life-changing experience

“Every day, I knew God was with me. He lifted the world off my shoulders.” — Jill Winebrenner.“Every day is a gift.” — Jill’s husband, Tony Winebrenner.It has been more than four years since the accident that brought the life Jill Winebrenner lived to a halt. Though she has suffered through seven surgeries to try to fix her broken pelvis, was told she would never get out of a wheelchair and still suffers constant pain, she says she wouldn’t change a thing.“It’s not the best thing that happened to me, but it brought my life to reality,” she said.On Tuesday, March 6, 2007, Winebrenner was going to work at the Whitley County Abstract and Title Company on a typical day. She was walking across the street at Van Buren and Main, and for some reason, crossed at the crosswalk instead of just walking across where she had parked as was her norm.Her head was filled with what she had to do that day — the closings she had, Rotary Club and a cooking class with Stan Horne. As she crossed the street, a Ford 150 pickup truck hit her.To read the rest of this story, please order an e-subscription, found under the e-edition subscription link, or call The Post & Mail at 244-5153, ext. 207 and ask for a subscription.