Little lady makes an entrance

Kreig family reunited as SSGT Krieg comes home from Iraq deployment.COLUMBIA CITY — A lady likes to make an entrance and Piper Krieg is no exception.It almost seemed she orchestrated circumstances to assure she would be at the airport to meet her daddy when he returned home from Iraq after seven months away from home.SSgt Scott Krieg is full-time active duty with the 122nd fighter wing security forces squadron based out of Fort Wayne. He lives with his wife Pam (Reed) Krieg and daughters in Columbia City when not deployed. He has served for 16 years and has been fortunate to be at home when his daughters Isabella, 12 and Kloe, 5 were born. He was scheduled to return Feb. 7 with his newest child coming on Feb. 11.But Piper had other plans.The first change occurred when the doctor decided Feb. 4 due to complications the caesarean section would have to be done immediately. She was born at 5:52 p.m. that day.Scott’s unit, meanwhile had flown out of Iraq to Qatar, where he was reached by phone with news of the emergency. His unit then flew to Ireland and departed Feb. 6 for the United States.Mechanical difficulties forced them to turn back for Ireland when they were two hours out, and another night was spent there before repairs were completed. Feb. 7 the men were again on their way home, arriving Feb. 8 in Baltimore where they had to find flights for the last leg of the trip. Scott got on the first flight to Fort Wayne. Back at the hospital, Pam and Piper were discharged at 3 p.m. that day and family drove them from the hospital, directly to the airport, where Scott landed at 4:10 p.m. just minutes after his family arrived. The pictures tell the rest of the story.The family has enjoyed having their husband/father home after his time away. “We’re still celebrating,” said Pam, who was barely able to walk into the airport when Scott came home, it being so soon after her surgery and giving birth. She gives credit to her other daughters for helping the family to get back to a new normal with Dad and Piper joining the routine. “They adore her,” Pam said.As to whether or not Piper had anything to do with the orchestration of her father’s return or the timing of her birth, she’s not talking yet.But Scott says, “Everything happens for a reason.”And it was a very memorable entrance for the little lady.