LOCAL MAN: Handed additional charges

COLUMBIA CITY — A Columbia City man, who was arrested back in April for allegedly leaving the scene of his girlfriend’s moped accident, is back in the Whitley County Jail on charges of domestic battery and resisting law enforcement.According to a Columbia City Police Department report, Lyle Orr, 47, was arrested Oct. 18 after police responded to a domestic fight at 517 N. Oak St.According to police, Orr was currently out of jail on a $38,000 bond.According to a report, CCPD Sergeant Brian Anspach arrived at the front door, asked Orr to come outside, and as he did, Anspach noticed blood on Orr’s shirt as well as a woman sitting on the couch with blood on her face. According to the report, the woman’s nose appeared swollen as it had approximately a two-and-a-half inch vertical laceration.As other officers arrived, Orr was asked why he had a large bump around his temple area, with what looked like fresh blood. According to the report, Orr, said he struck it on a pipe he had in the trash. Police also noticed a large gash on Orr’s right hand, which he said was caused by plumbing injuries.According to the police report, Orr physically resisted being escorted to a patrol car, causing slight injuries to him and a trooper as they tripped on the roadway.Police also said both Orr and the woman appeared to be intoxicated, according to the report, and an ambulance arrived to assess all injuries.Orr was booked in the Whitley County Jail and awaiting court.