LOOKING GOOD: ISMS notes 17 years

COLUMBIA CITY — Indian Springs Middle School, Columbia City, has been in existence for 17 years, and the future looks as bright as ever. The school has posted a solid track record in standardized test scores. For example, 97 percent of eighth graders at ISMS who took algebra passed the End-of-Course-Asses-sment. There are other areas where the school is trying to excel and is equally proud of its success.The staff is trained to prepare students for the future, by utilizing Project-Based Learning. Teachers invited coaches from different career areas to work with them. This allowed teachers to bring concepts into the classroom that were more geared for career development. Teachers are also adapting different techniques. For the past two years, ISMS has been part of the Indiana Resource for Autism training program. However, according to ISMS Principal Jan Boylen, teachers are now finding that these techniques that work in the education of students with autism also work well for students who do not have disabilities. Students have also had the opportunities to work with real-life concepts in math, science and technology classes. The ISMS staff receives support from the community and parents. Boylen says this has made the ISMS experience richer as a whole.“It is truly gratifying to work in a community that supports their young adults at such a high level,” she said. “With everyone working together, it is possible for our children to reach their highest potential and be prepared to contribute and give back to our community.”