LUNCH & LEARN: Whitko Schools host meeting for ag families

Whitko Superintendent Dr. Brandon Penrod welcomes the agricultural community to the day’s event.
Press Release

A "community school" is certainly a place where students from the community earn their education, but when everyone comes together that's when a "community school" can become much more.
Recent changes in Whitko Community Schools' Central Office have paved the way for new staff including a new Superintendent, new Director of Curriculum & Special Services, and new Treasurer. Naturally, with that, come new opportunities to build relationships within the community.
As a result, Superintendent Dr. Brandon Penrod has been increasing his efforts to include the most important element into the conversation, the voices of Whitko Nation. Whitko's most recent campaign urging those within the school district to "Join A Committee" has been an important push for Penrod and the Whitko School Board.
Whitko's next Lunch & Learn event will be March 14 at the Pierceton Presbyterian Church on Hwy 13, just north of Pierceton Elementary School. It will mirror the event hosted earlier in February, and give those within the agricultural community a chance to receive Wildcat hospitality and appreciation for their support of the school district.

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