MAYOR PLANS FOR NIGHT IN: New program opens up discussions

COLUMBIA CITY — Columbia City Mayor Ryan Daniel announced a new program which will provide additional accessibility to the mayor for city residents. “We will begin a Mayor’s Night In program which will allow residents, who aren’t available during regular business hours, to have the opportunity to meet and discuss their city issues with me,” stated Daniel. Ten-minute slots will be available during a two- hour period, once a month for meetings with citizens. The hours are between 6 and 8 p.m. and slated to begin Thursday, May 2, with additional dates planned for June 6, July 11 and Aug. 1. Residents should schedule a time with Mayor’s Assistant Martha Acres prior to May 2.“Residents can come in to discuss issues, make suggestions or just to have a chat,” said Daniel. “It’s merely another opportunity to make myself accessible for our residents.”Citizens can contact the mayor’s office by calling 248-5111.