METH MAKING: 'Busco man pleads guilty

COLUMBIA CITY — A Churubusco man, 20-year-old Dallas Jones, plead guilty to the manufacture of methamphetamine, a class B felony in Circuit Court on Monday. His sentence hearing is scheduled for Sept. 17. After his arrest, July 17, Jones was charged with the manufacture of methamphetamine, a class B felony, possession of two or more precursors with intent to manufacture methamphetamine, a class D felony, possession of methamphetamine, a class D felony, maintaining a common nuisance, a class D felony, possession of paraphernalia, a class A misdemeanor and possession of synthetic marijuana, a class A misdemeanor.According to his plea agreement, Jones plead guilty to the manufacture of methamphetamine, a class B felony, and he will be sentenced by the court with all other counts dismissed against him. Jones is also expected to pay a $200 Drug and Alcohol Countermeasure fee.According to a Whitley County Drug Task Force Case Report, Officer Bill Brice reported receiving information concerning methamphetamine related trash in or around Jones’ residence at 156 Staunton Ave. in Churubusco. Brice was assisted by other deputies July 17 as he began talking to Jones outside the vehicle of his house, if he had anything illegal on his person.According to the report Jones said he had a pipe and allowed Brice to search his right front pocket. Brice reported removing a metallic cigarette looking pipe with residue and the smell of marijuana, and he reported that Jones confirmed it was used for marijuana.Brice also reported officers approached the minivan and near Jones and spoke to the back seat passenger, identifying him as 19-year-old Logan Kirk, of Avilla. Brice reported seeing a plastic bag containing a granular substance with a brownish color laying in plain view on the front seat of the minivan. He reported seeing in plain view a bottle which appeared to have a paper towel type substance inside. His training made him believe the substance to be ammonium sulfate and the bottle to be drying for use as a methaphetamine lab. Brice reported Jones ran from the officers, but was chased and hand-cuffed.According to the report, Brice and another officer then went to the door of the residence and spoke to Jones’ mother, and she consented to letting them search his bedroom, the garage and the backyard. During the search, Brice reported opening a cooler in the garage, finding a Hydrochloric (HCI) gas generator which was still producing gas. Everyone was ordered to leave the garage, and the State Police Methamphetamine Lab Team was called.Brice also reported finding items in Jones’ bedroom, and Jones and Kirk were transported to the Whitley County Jail. As the backyard was being searched, Brice reported collecting a sample of a white granular substance and metal battery strips. Jones and Kirk were later interviewed by Detective Archbold and Brice. Brice reported that Jones admitted they were getting ready to start a lab, and they had everything they needed to start the lab inside the van. Brice also reported Jones admitted to making about a bottle a day for about the last six months, and he admitted to smoking about a gram a day.According to the report, Kirk admitted that he had smoked methampetamine as recently as six hours before officers arrived, and he also assisted in the process of manufacturing with Jones in the past. Kirk was released from the jail Aug. 9 on bond and is scheduled to appear in Circuit Court Sept. 10 for a pre-trial conference.